The department offers basic and highly specialized cancer therapy to more than 12,000 patients annually.

All patients are managed in a multidisciplinary team work and through active collaboration between a wide range of medical specialties including radiation and medical oncology, pathology and diagnostic imaging. These highly specialised teams have extensive experience in diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

The radiotherapy section includes 12 linear accelerators equipped with onboard imaging and other relevant facilities for high precision radiotherapy, including volumetric dynamic arc therapy, stereotactic treatments as well as pulse-dose-rate and high-dose-rate brachytherapy. The department has CT, MRI and PET/CT scanners dedicated to radiotherapy planning. A total of 53,000 radiotherapy treatments are performed annually. Aarhus University Hospital has been selected to host the Danish National Center for Particle Radiotherapy, due to open in 2017. The Center will be responsible for proton radiotherapy of Danish patients and for research in particle therapy

The department has four patient wards, a large outpatient clinic and a palliative care unit. A large number of oncology therapies are provided, including chemotherapy, biological targeted therapy and immunotherapy. The number of medical treatments and the total number of outpatient visits are 28,000 and 99,000, respectively.

The department participates in a large number of national or international clinical trials and research projects.