Research at the Department of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital

Department of Oncology at Aarhus University Hospital is closely affiliated with Aarhus University and holds a strong tradition for high quality research. Our research activities have in several cases been game changing, and have resulted in national and international clinical guidelines.

The framework for our scientific ambitions are to improve the general health of the population through 1) research, 2) talent development, and 3) knowledge exchange with the scientific society, patients and their relatives, as well as policy makers.

Our current patients are treated according to evidence-based principles. We strive to the best of our capacity – and beyond – to conduct highly ambitious scientific research aimed at constantly improving clinical care.

The research environment

Cancer research is fully integrated in our clinical work at Department of Oncology.

  • We see patients who are part of clinical protocols in our everyday clinical practice. We are also fortunate to house a comprehensive cancer research lab enabling both in vitro and in vivo studies. Our extensive lab-facilities combined with a well-established large-scale clinical trial unit create an excellent environment for high-performance cancer research.
  • Medical physics research at the Department of Oncology is at the forefront of the technological development with highly sophisticated facilities for experimental research, computer simulations and mathematical modeling. This environment provides support for internationally recognized research in radiotherapy.
  • We perform high-level psychosocial cancer research as well as research in palliation in both observational and interventional study designs. Recently there has been a growing interest in late effects of cancer treatment resulting in a series of nationwide studies.

Translational cancer research

Translational research translates pre-clinical findings into daily clinical practice and vice versa.

  • We strive to support our clinical studies with a biological understanding obtained through pre-clinical models.
  • We acknowledge the mutual need for pre-clinical and clinical research to constantly interact and prioritise a translational focus and mindset in all research projects at our department.
  • We design all studies with focus on the potential long-term clinical perspectives. Similarly, when designing clinical protocols, they are preferably supplemented with a relevant pre-clinical protocol.

Clinical research generating evidence

A continuous focus on generating evidence-based clinical research is a high priority.

  • We run a substantial number of clinical trials at our department and intend to increase this to allow the majority of our patients to participate in clinical trial protocols, investigator-designed and investigator-initiated protocols as well as protocols developed by the pharmaceutical-industry.

Please contact Department of Oncology for further information about research activities.