Department of Oncology holds a strong tradition for providing a creative and innovative research environment for PhD students in both clinical and pre-clinical PhD projects. All ongoing PhD projects are listed below.


Anders.jpgAnders Mølby

Supervisor: Professor Birgitte Offersen

Co-supervisors: Trine Tramm og Lise Thorsen

Title of PhD project: DBCG IMN2 studiet: Strålebehandling af de parasternale lymfeknuder ved højrisiko tidlig brystkræft

Billede Anne-Mette.pngAnne-Mette Iversen

Supervisor: Professor Svend Ellermann-Eriksen, Department of Clinical Microbiology

Title of PhD-project: Improving hand hygiene among health care workers with the use of data from a monitoring system – the effect of behavioral interventions

Vakant.jpgAnne Vittrup Jakobsen /

Supervisor: Professor Karen-Lise Garm spindler

Title of PhD project: Towards risk and biology adapted treatment escalation in anal cancer

Cathrine Bang OvergaardCathrine Bang Overgaard

Supervisor: Professor Brita Singers Sørensen

Title of PhD project: Preclinical RBE for normal tissue damage established in in vivo models

Vakant.jpgChristina Glismand Truelsen /

Supervisor: Associate professor Camilla Jensenius Skvohus Kronborg

Title of PhD project: Optimized radiotherapy for primary and recurrent rectal cancer

Demet ÖzcanDemet Özcan

Supervisor: Professor Birgitte Vrou Offersen, Lise Thorsen, Trine Tramm (Pathology), Therese Sørlie (Oslo University Hospital)

Title of PhD project: DBCG BioRT: Association between tumor immune response and risk of recurrence in breast cancer patients treated with radiotherapy

Vakant.jpgFolefac Charlemagne Asonganyi /

Supervisor: Professor Michael R. Horsman

Title of PhD project: Identifying the optimal combination of hyperthermig with photon-based radiotherapy to produce  the most effective cancer treatment 

Vakant.jpgJeppe Møller Skovbjerg /

Supervisor: Chair professor Signe Borgquist

Title of PhD project:  Kolesterol-associerede biomarkører og brystkræft prognose

Jonas Busk HolmJonas Busk Holm

Supervisor: Chair Professor Signe Borgquist

Title of PhD project: Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Breast Cancer Prognosis

Karl Sixten Harborg

Supervisor: Chair Professor Signe Borgquist

Title of PhD project: Overweight and cholesterol - impact on the clinical effects of endocrine treatment in breast cancer

Vakant.jpgKirstine B. Bøndergaard /

Supervisor: Professor Mette Asbjørn Neergaard  

Title of PhD project: Cancer patients with severe mental disorders (casemed): end-of-life of cancer patients with severe mental disorders – challenges and model of care. 

Lasse Hindhede Refsgaard

Supervisor: Professor Birgitte Offersen

Title of PhD project: DBCG RT Nation – Clinical gain and risk in radiation therapy for breast cancer treatment using big data analysis

Vakant.jpgLine Kristensen /

Supervisor: Professor Brita Singers Sørensen

Title of PhD project:  Experimental radiobiology for different radiation modalities


Louise Elkjær FløeLouise Elkjær Fløe

Supervisor: Professor Mette Asbjørn Neergaard 

Title of PhD project: Cancer Patients with Severe Mental Disorders (CASEMED): Development and pilot testing a complex SMD-cancer care intervention

Maiken Ulhøi.jpgMaiken Parm Ulhøi (temporary leave of absence) /

Supervisor: Associate Professor Peter Meldgaard

Title of PhD project: Clinical Use of Circulating Tumor DNA in Patients with ALK Translocated Non-small-cell Lung Cancer

Maria HøjenMaria Højen 

Supervisor: Mette Terp Høybye

Title of PhD project: E-learning in cross-sectoral cancer rehabilitation

Marie Tvilum Chadwick Hede Marie Tvilum Chadwick Hede /

Supervisor: Associate professor Ditte Sloth Møller

Title of PhD project: Optimal individual treatment strategy for every locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer patient

Mathias Ersted RasmussenMathis Ersted Rasmussen /

Supervisor: Professor Jesper Grau Eriksen

Title of PhD project: A study of the interaction between man and machine in radiotherapy treatment planning

Morten Horsholt

Supervisor: Professor Jesper Grau

Title of PhD project: Biological identification of recurrence after curative intended radiotherapy for carcinoma of the head and neck. A DAHANCA 19 study

Priyanshu Manojkumar SinhaPriyanshu Manojkumar Sinha /

Supervisor: Professor Michael Robert Horsmann

Title of PhD project: Combining proton radiation and hyperthermia to improve cancer therapy 


Vakant.jpgSebastian Søby /

Supervisor: Professor Jesper Grau Eriksen

Title of PhD project:  Selecting the right patient for immunotherapy in recurrent/metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma


Signe_B.jpgSigne Bergliot Nielsen  /

Supervisor:  Professor Jens Overgaard

Title of PhD project: Diaggnostic work-up and treatment of patients with cancer of unknown  primary in the head and neck.


Vakant.jpgSimon Nyberg Thomsen

Supervisor: Associate professor Lone Hoffmann

Title of PhD project: Treatment of locally advanced lung cancer patients by proton therapy using an adaptive strategy