The female anatomyBenign gynaecological diseases

This section covers a wide range of medical and surgical treatments for bleeding disorders, uterine malformations and uterine myomas such as

  • embolisation
  • Magnetic Resonance guided focused ultrasound surgery
  • hysteroscopic and laparoscopic resection of myomas.

We also offers, laparoscopic treatment of ovarian pathologies, endocrinological diseases including polycystic ovarian syndrome and disorders of sexual development.
Treating urinary tract diseases, prolapses etc. are also part of everyday surgery and consultations.

Malignant gynaecological diseases

Our section for malignant gynaecological diseases is one of four Danish centres diagnosing and surgically treating cervical, endometrial, ovarian, vulvarian and vaginal cancers. If postoperative radiation or chemotherapy is needed, the patients are referred to the Department of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital.

Revised: 23 March 2017