Improving long term function

Research in renal transplantation aims at improving long term function of the renal grafts and the well-being of patients.

The MePEP study (Kidney transplant regeneration with Mesenchymal stem cells in normothermic ex-situ machine Perfusion in Pigs) is carried out assisted by the transplantation units in Oxford, Rotterdam and Groningen.

Prevention of the ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury is a primary goal. In a pig model it was shown that remote ischemic conditioning could improve renal plasma perfusion visualised by magnetic resonance imaging and increase glomerular filtration rate, and this approach was tested in the clinical CONTEXT trial (Remote Ischemic Conditioning in Renal Transplantation – Effect on Immediate and Extended Kidney Graft Function) initiated in our department together with Gothenburg, Sweden, and Groningen and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Ischemic and immunological markers in tissue, blood and urine are explored.

Methods for early detection of ischaemia and renal lesions are tested.

Methods for detection of overimmunosuppression are being explored in clinical transplantation.

Main collaborators

Ongoing studies